Was 2017 the year animals turned cannibal?

Chimpanzee eats one of its own

It was a grisly sight: a murdered chimpanzee, his body beaten, bloodied—and partially cannibalized—by the community he used to lead. Rare video captures the deadly end to a tale of chimpanzee social politics. Researchers had been observing a group of chimpanzees in Senegal since 2005. They identified one chimp, Foudouko, as the alpha leader. Two years later he fell from power, overthrown by a group of younger males. He lived on the outskirts of the group for years before attempting to return in mid-2013. He was killed by his former followers, a rare instance in which a chimp was killed within its own community.

Pairing cannibal praying mantis

For over a century the praying mantis has been considered by biologists as a prime example of sexual cannibalism. A thorough study of this insect aims to dispel these myths, but as in every animal behaviour study, the surprise will just come at the end.

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